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Goos rilette, with red onion jam 1470,-
Freshly roasted duck liver with apples 2500,-
The dill-goatcheese served with musthoney salad.
Rosabeefstripes with greensalad 1750,-
Beefsteak Tartar, caviar, capers 2250,-


Ox tail soup 950,-
Pumpkin cream soup, served in a cup 800,-
Bean goulash with mangalica ham and a fresh bread roll 1250,-

Fish dishes

Trout fillet with saffron sauce, baked homemade gnocchi 2650,-
Homemade breadcrumbs fried pike-perch, mashed potatoes with rocket 2900,-
Salmon fillet was frying on his skin with williams pear cream, avocado-greensalad 3500,-


Lambsteak 3900,-
With roughly mashed potatoes with olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, and rosemary.

Poultry dishes

Rose roasted duck breast fillet 2950,-
Purple potatoes, lentil salad
Chicken breast stripes in Parma ham crust 2700,-
The chicken breast strips are wrapped in thinly sliced Parma ham slices, then char-grilled. Served with French fries
Parmesan chicken nuggets with milanese risotto 2500,-
Breaded and fried stuffed chicken breast fillet 2700,-
Thinly pounded chicken breast fillets are filled with ham, smoked meat and mixed cheeses, then crumbed and fried. Served with French fries.

Veal dishes

In truffle oil marinated veal fillet 3750,-
Garnished potatopuree.
Kalbsfilet mit Blauschimmelkäse, Spinat, und Nudeln 3350,-

Pork dishes

Viennese-style pork cutlet with parsley potatos
On skewer grilled loin of pork roulade
We prepare two kinds of roulades, one with mustard and pepper mix, and another with bacon stuffing. The meats are then sliced into rounds, placed on the skewer alternatingly, and then marinated. They are then roasted on the grill and served with with onion mashed potatoes
Transsylvanian cabagge, pork brisket 2450,-

Beef dishes

Roastbeef with onion
Thick and ripe char grilled beefsteak, covered with crispy fried onion rings, served with roasted potatoes
Roastbeef with duck liver 5500,-
A thick sauce made with cognac. Serve with potatopuree.
Argentine Roastbeef 5900,-
Argentine Black Angus sirloin with grilled vegetables.
Whiskey pepper steak with roasted potatoes
Served with roughly crushed peppercorns,a little bit of garlic and whiskey sauce.
Beefsteak with salty caramel sauce, pumpkin ravioli 4900,-

Wild dishes

Boar mouth in Szekszárd style, with egg barley with vegetables 2600,-
Venison fillet with quince puree and, homemade potato croquet 4950,-

Salads and Pickles

Pickled round pepper 450,-
Pickled gherkins 450,-
Cabbage salad 450,-
Tomato salad 450,-
Cucumber salad 450,-
If you wish, it will be served with sour cream


Sponge cake Somló-style with rum flavoured sour cherries 800,-
Cheescake, with homemade jam 750,-
Chestnut pürée 700,-

Hot drinks

Espresso PIAZZA D’Oro 350,-
Caffeine-free Espresso 350,-
Cappuccino PIAZZA D’Oro 450,-
Selection of teas in filter-bag 450,-

Managing Director:Róbert Adai

Kitchen Chef:Sári Ákos

Sous chef:: Burányi Bertold

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